Straight Phone Counseling

30 Minutes – $110
1 Hour – $200

Advanced SessionsPsych-K demonstration:
Introductory 1st Session – $250

Include Psych-k and B.E.S.T. There will be a 15 minute call and 45 minutes of balancing being done using the two techniques I work with, B.E.S.T. and Psych-k. These techniques get to the subconscious to change beliefs and release interference. They clear whatever is interfering with you having the life you deserve.

The Journey from Fear to Love One-on-One Guidance

Fear can hold you back from having a fulfilling life and so many of us are unaware that many of our actions are rooted in fear. Take control of your fear and start your journey to love. Check out The Journey from Fear to Love One-on-One Guidance!


  • a non-invasive, interactive process of change with a proven record of success for over 25 years!
  • a simple, yet powerful process to change subconscious beliefs that are self-limiting and self-sabotaging
  • a unique blend of various tools for change, some contemporary and some ancient, derived from contemporary neuroscience research, as well as ancient mind/body wisdom
  • a ground breaking approach to facilitating change at the subconscious level where at least 95% of our consciousness operates.
  • a process that transcends the standard methods of visualization, affirmations, will power, and positive thinking especially effective in the areas of behavioral/habit change, wellness and stress reduction

BEST is:

Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.), developed by Dr. M.T. Morter, Jr., is a non-forceful, energy balancing, hands-on procedure used to help reestablish the full healing potential of the body. B.E.S.T. is widely used by health care practitioners all over the world who practice mind/body healing and recognize that the body is more than the sum of its parts. It is a system of health care that is state of the art in balancing body, mind, memory and spirit energy fields, and enhancing the flow of that energy throughout the entire system.  It is a whole-body healing technique.