Susan knows from firsthand experience, that living in the shadow of your past can cause you to ‘forget’ that you have the power to take charge of your life. Susan enables her audiences to get “present and focused” and to take an honest look at what they are or are not doing to create the lives they currently live. Goudy uplifts her audiences with her authentic, magnetic and vibrant delivery and leaves them feeling competent and capable to create a life they really want. Download Susan Goudy’s speaker sheet.

Summary of Susan’s most requested Topics

Take the Path Away From Fear, Embrace Your Power, and Live in Love
Fear is what holds us back from having what we want in our lives. Most of us don’t know what our biggest fear is. We all have the power to move past our fears and create what we want. You might be surprised to learn how powerful you really are. After this presentation experience, you’ll have no more excuses because you’ll learn that you hold the power within yourself to create the life you really want. Get ready to be empowered!

Eliminate Drama from Your Life
Do you feel as though too much drama in your life is draining your time, energy and making it difficult to go about your day? Drama can lead to sleeplessness, stress, anxiety, loss of appetite, illness and can certainly put a damper on all aspects of your life. This presentation helps participants learn to manage their lives when drama finds its way to their doorstep, and gives them a choice to either shut the door or let it in.

Moving Out of the Victim-hood and Claiming Your Power
Being a victim of anything results in giving your power away. Blaming your parents, siblings, teachers, spouse etc… will get you nowhere, except into the “hood” of “victim-hood.” It is important for you to recognize where your beliefs come from. The “hood” is attached to a very long lead-lined cape. The lead-lined cape feels like a very heavy load. You can’t blame anyone else. In this presentation, the participants learn that they are accountable for their own lives and how to get out of their own way and to become fully accountable for their own life.

The Force is With You
As George Lucas says, “Ultimately the force is the larger mystery of the universe. And to trust your feelings is your way into that. Using the Force is a leap of faith. There are mysteries and powers larger than we are, and you have to trust your feelings in order to access them.” This presentation highlights that as you go through different feelings and emotions, you can allow the internal, intuitive part of you to lead you naturally up and out of fear, towards love and joy.

Believing is Seeing
Your beliefs color how you perceive your life. We’ve all heard something like people who are looking at the good in the world and not the bad are oblivious or looking through “rose colored glasses”. This view is actually supposed to be an insult. Wouldn’t it be nice if life were that easy? If each of us looked at each other through rose colored glasses, the world would look very pretty. The beauty of looking at the world through rose colored glasses is your own positive contribution to your overall health. In this presentation, the participants will learn how they can change their beliefs and thoughts so they can feel how wonderful life can be!

Go Within and Connect to Your Source
If you aren’t an expert on spirituality, meditation etc… to “go within and connect to your source” might sound out of reach to you. What does this really mean and why is it a significant part to creating a life you will love? It is 100% in your reach and easily achieved. In this presentation, participants will learn the top ways to know if they are connected to their source, the beautiful results of being connected to their source and the most important way to guarantee their connection to their source. When you are connected, your life is easy, fun and filled with love. Everything you desire will be found through this connection.

“Frontier science is providing a new biology and a new psychology that offers the public an opportunity to gain self-empowerment in this time of planetary chaos. Whether in one-on-one sessions, or in a classroom setting, Susan D. Goudy, MSW, accomplished author and certified energy-psychology practitioner, can personally help you reap the benefit of this liberating knowledge. Well versed in the “new” science, Susan’s expertise is to make this complex information accessible to the lay audience so they can apply it to rewrite limiting, self-sabotaging subconscious programs that interfere with life intentions and our physical and emotional health.”
– Bruce H. Lipton, PhD, Stem cell biologist and bestselling author of The Biology of Belief, Spontaneous Evolution (with Steve Bhaerman) and The Honeymoon Effect