One-on-One Guided Journey

Do you feel out of control and powerless in your own life?

Are you feeling stuck and not sure how to start moving forward?

Fear can hold you back from having a fulfilling life and so many of us are unaware that many of our actions are rooted in fear.

Take control of your fear and start your journey to love.

My book, The Journey from Fear to Love Is Shorter than You Think, has helped transform the lives of many of my readers and now you have the opportunity to work with me one-on-one to identify the source of your fears, unload your baggage and recognize your own power. I will walk you through my process to shed your fear and embrace your power.


The Journey from Fear to Love One-on-One Guidance

Step 1: Let It All Out
This is your chance to let it all out. Nothing is off limits. If it annoys, pains, distresses or irritates this is where it needs to rear its ugly head. You will discover where your fears are coming from so you can start your journey to love.

Step 2: Take the Trash Out
Now that you know the source of your fears it’s time to put that baggage on the curb. Once you have released the mind crap attached to that baggage you will move forward on a clearer and more focused path.

Step 3: Find Your Power
The cleared baggage leaves a void that can make you feel disconnected and alone. You need to work quickly to fill that void with your own self confidence so that baggage cannot creep back in. You will start to recognize your own power and feel more empowered in your life.

Step 4: Step In To Your Power
As you progress along your journey you will likely backtrack a time or two especially if you had shared baggage that the other individual(s) – such as a spouse or other family members – is not willing to release. By taking back control and power in your own life you will start do what feels right to you regardless of what others are doing.

Step 5: Define Your Future
You have probably noticed some conflicts in your life based on where fear was leading you and where you now know you can steer yourself. By matching your thoughts and feelings to your expectations and life goals you will realize you are worthy and deserving of the best in your life.

Step 6: Believe to See
It is time to let go of the “seeing is believing” mantra and embrace a new mantra, “believing is seeing”. You’ll start to love and enjoy your life because you are believing you can have what you really want and it will begin to show up more and more and more.

Step 7: Learn to Love Your Life
Doubt may occasionally creep in that you can keep moving forward on this journey, but as you start to recognize opportunities in your life and work towards them you realize the effort you have put in to make changes is worth it. You master the tools you now have to keep you on your path and doubt will no longer be a part of your journey.

Step 8: Reflect and Advance
As your journey with me ends we review all the changes you have already made and the tools and techniques you have put in place to continue the journey from fear to love on your own. You have embraced your power and are ready to enjoy this journey we call life.

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