Susan Goudy is an Empowerment Adviser/Public Speaker, Certified in Neuro-Physical Reprogramming, Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique, Psych-K, has a Master’s Degree in Social Work, and Author of “The Journey From Fear To Love Is Shorter Than YOU Think” and “10 Ways To Eliminate Drama From Your Life”.

Susan’s education was lead in the direction of psychology, personal development, and techniques for reprogramming the subconscious mind to heal physical as well as deep rooted emotional issues, peaked as a direct result from a traumatic childhood experience, that ultimately laid the foundation for her entire life.

Two months shy of her third birthday, Susan Goudy was sexually abused by a sixteen-year-old neighbor. Although she unconsciously buried this horrific experience deep within herself, the deep-rooted fear that resulted continued to influence her decisions, happiness, relationships, health, and more for many years.

In The Journey from Fear to Love Is Shorter Than You Think, Goudy describes the awakening into life that finally freed her from the mental, physical, and spiritual chains of her past. A memoir written from a spiritual point of view, this book is sprinkled with self-help tips that will give readers the tools they need to get “present and focused” and to take an honest look at what they are or are not doing to create the lives they currently live.

Goudy knows from firsthand experience that living in the shadow of your past can cause you to forget that you have the power to take charge of your life. No matter what may or may not lie in your own past, let Susan Goudy help you become more awake, aware, clear, and empowered. It’s time to stop being a victim and to leave excuses behind. It’s time to realize just how powerful and wonderful you are, have been, and will always be!