VIDEO: Step 4 to Move Away from Fear and Drama in the Midst of the Coronavirus

As most states continue to open up, the rules vary throughout the United States. Thoughts and opinions are varying too. It is hard to stay calm when so much is out of your control.

Through this fourth video focused on step 4 you will learn how to use your own power to help you through the ever-changing stages of COVID-19. You will discover techniques to help you focus on what you want your life to look like and start creating that life in whatever situation you find yourself.

I recorded this video to help you find your power and know the difference between having power and trying to force things to happen.

Be well, be peaceful, be calm.
Take care,

Additional Resources:
My book, The Journey from Fear to Love Is Shorter than You Think, is full of tips and exercises designed to help you, or others, move away from fear.

My book, 10 Ways to Eliminate DRAMA from Your Life: Easy Ways to Be More Productive and Successful in Your Work and in Your Life! can help you decrease the stress you and your family may be feeling.

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