Statute of Limitation: While in limbo…

I’m sharing this news story because I can relate to it.  The statue of limitation in regard to sexual abuse makes it so many who have been abused can’t do anything legally to have some closure in regard to the terrible trauma that occurred in their life. I too was not able to do anything legally to help me have some closure and be able to more easily heal and move forward with my life.  Not because of the statue of limitation but instead because I couldn’t find the person who abused me. I have written The Journey From Fear To Love is Shorter Than You Think with the hopes of helping many people become empowered and live in Love as often as possible.  I have felt the pain that the people in this news story talk about and despite not being able to legally do anything I have found away to heal from the inside out.  I do think that the statue of limitation needs to be lifted in regard to abuse but also know that victims need to take the journey from fear to love and heal from within.  You are here to have the best life you can possibly have despite the ugly that has happened.  You must always move forward striving to live in love more often than not. My book offers some valuable insight and information on how to have a wonderful life regardless of what trauma may have occurred in your life.

Embrace your power and live in Love!

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