Life Happens

Sometimes when you’re not paying attention, life just happens.  Of course I am being a bit sarcastic because life ALWAYS happens whether you are paying attention or not. Life is movement and change.  It often feels like it’s not life that is happening but like the phrase so commonly used says, “shit happens” in our lives.  I guess it is all in the way you look at it and how you feel it.  Is it shit or is it life? Again, life is movement and change.  My very wise daughter, Samantha, recently said to me while my life was happening, “just when you feel like it’s the worst thing ever, something beautiful happens.”  My very wise son Steven recently said to me “the universe knows what’s really best for us and is always on our side.”  Proud Mom moment.  My other vey wise son Alex, said “things always work out and in fact get better.”  My youngest and very wise daughter, Mariah just shrugs her shoulders and says “everything’s fine, it always is.”  Wow, I have some wise kids!!

We may not know at the exact moment why something is happening in our life but I know there is always a reason for everything.  You may not know what the reason is, for a while or you may never figure it out because it will look so different then what you would expect it to look like (the reason that is).  Everything that happens in our lives happens FOR us not TO us.  It’s so much fun when we figure out “What the for?? (WTF).  It always makes perfect sense and our faith in the Universe/ God/ Source always having our backs is refreshed and renewed !

Embrace your power and live in Love,



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