Apocalypse Now

“The zombie apocalypse has already occurred, look at how many people are living like they’re dead!!”
I keep hearing all kinds of talk about a zombie apocalypse coming. Some people are joking (usually teenagers) and some are serious at least to some extent. The entertainment business is making all kinds of money on the idea. The end seems near for many who are living in fear and a zombie apocalypse doesn’t seem too far fetched to them. If they just would take a look around, they would realize there is nothing to fear because the zombie apocalypse has already occurred for many people because there are so many “walking dead”. It has occurred many times over as a matter of fact since the beginning of time. The Zombie apocalypse isn’t anything new. So many have lost enthusiasm for life because their focus is on the negatives going on around them. They’ve thrown in the towel and have chosen to give up and give in to the “blah” that is seen everywhere. It is obvious to me that many have forgotten who they really are because if they hadn’t this would never be allowed to occur in their lives. We have the ability to change our lives and the way we see our lives in an instant by changing the way we think. By changing our thoughts, we change our feelings and by changing our feelings we change our beliefs. Believe me when I say, you are worthy of the best that love and life has to offer. If you will believe this with conviction then you will start to see why your life is worth living like you’re alive, awake and aware of all the love that is there for you to absorb and drink up. You have the power within you to have a wonderful life. Embrace this power that is yours and live in Love!!

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